I take great pride and enjoyments from my projects. Here are a few samples:

Current position: Oracle database adminitrator & developer. Lead Design in enterprise application in Oracle and Java

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  • Web Design (dynamic sites)
    Designing large content web site with template with: css, ssi, and embedded javascript. Here are just some of the sites I've built. Database driven sites are also available on request for my clients.

  • Web sites (dynamic sites with backend database)
    Personal Notes: It was very difficult to leave the job I had in Moneypaper Inc, and Temper Investor Services to pursue a career in expanding my knowledge in database and programming. It was a great pleasure to work on those projects, which are challenging and exciting. Here I want to show my sincere thanks to CEO Ms. Vita Nelson, and my colleagues. Anyone who visits my site, I strongly suggest you to visit these sites above, not only because it is a great company who serves individual investors, but also you can set up your freedom to be a great investor by enrolling with them. Have fun!
  • Database Design
    using applications of Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL 2000, Access

  • Web programming
    ColdFusion, Php, Perl, JavaScript, JSP and VBScript
    Design e-commerce site by using above database and web programming lanauges
    Most recent project
    Hunter Music Department QTSS (using php, mysql)
    Hunter Economic Department Recruiting site (using Cold Fusion and Access)
    E-commerce site of directinvesting.com, related sites, and large scale intranet sites
    Coming soon --- 3 sites are in production and post-production stage

  • Applicaiton Programming
    VB.net, C++, Java, VB
    Reports: Crystal Reports

  • Microsoft Office Expert
    Office application design and training

  • Consulting, more graphic designs

    Graphic and Animation site
  • Training / Teaching